About Us

The Film Directors’ Guild of Nepal (FDGN) is a union organization established in 2057 B.S. (2000/2001 A.D.) with the vision of contributing to the prosperity of Nepal's social, cultural, linguistic, and economic standards through the medium of Nepali Films. It was established in the initiation of Mr. Yuv Raj Lama in 2057 BS / 2000 A.D. as the first chairperson of the FDGN. The Guild was formed to protect the employment rights of film directors, within or outside Nepal, and in doing so, enable the movement of the Nepali film industry in a progressive direction. A country's development and pride reflects through its culture and arts, of which films are indispensable. The realization of the need to protect the rights of creators of movies and provide access to facilities that can help to uplift their motive led to the creation of the FDGN.



Our Objective


The principal objective of the FDGN is to create an organization inclusive of all Nepali Film Directors within and beyond Nepal to contribute to the development and progress of the Nepali Film Industry. The Guild helps to protect and improve the rights, interests, and employment of Nepali Film Directors. The Guild aims to assist directors in creating Nepali films that reflect Nepal's cultural and artistic traditions and establish Nepal as a major film production destination in the global film industry.

To create films that contribute significantly to Nepal's cultural and economic development, the FDGN encourages the improved quality and independence of the Nepali Film Industry by observing points of conflict and finding sustainable solutions. It also suggests to the Nepal government that the moral, strategic, and performance standards of Nepali films create higher-quality Nepali films.

It thrives on creating, helping develop, and market Nepali films that can be showcased worldwide and compete for global recognition. For this, the Guild joins hands with other organizations to conduct campaigns, conferences, workshops, events, seminars, award ceremonies, awareness programs • masterclasses, and interaction programs. Lastly, it recognizes established directors of the Nepali Film Industry through awards given by the Guild to encourage the creation of more extraordinary films by the directors of the Guild.

Currently, The Guild has more than 700 members spread across the globe. FDGN now has its own Film Library and has also established an Endowment fund and looks forward to making remarkable progress in the future with the help of its members and associates.