About Filming In Nepal

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Nepal is a country filled with natural beauty. It's not just about Mount Everest; it's the birthplace of Gautam Buddha and the 


land of the brave Gurkhas. This country is adorned with the Himalayas, hills, and Terai, making it a naturally rich and diverse na

tion. The ancient cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are like cultural gems, and the rugged landscapes of Manang, Mustang, and Dolpa are like artistic masterpieces

Numerous filmmakers, cinematographers, and directors from all around the world come to Nepal to capture its breathtaking scenery. Millions of tourists are drawn to the mesmerizing views of Nepal, but still, Nepali cinema has not yet fully explored the global market. Therefore, there is a desire to have more film shootings in Nepal, to develop cinema tourism, and showcase Nepal's beauty, identity, and fame to the world.

Nepal is not just a country of beautiful landscapes but also a city of artistic stories and characters. There are thousands of stories, characters, and cultures here, waiting to be brought to life on the silver screen. Hence, we welcome filmmakers from all over the world with open arms to collaborate, work together, and share in Nepal's beauty and stories.
Especially, the Film Directors Guild of Nepal (FDGN) is dedicated to facilitating and supporting foreign filmmakers or film production companies in Nepal. We are ready to provide consultancy services and support to foreign filmmakers, including logistic support,


location scouting, technical equipment hiring, local artist management, local technician support, and assistance with collecting authentic Nepali stories for filming.

We are always prepared to collaborate and work hand in hand with international filmmakers, extending our warmest welcome to them to explore and create within the enchanting landscapes and rich culture of Nepal.